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                 Puppy  Product Package

             ~ Package Discount Price  $199.00~

Puppy Product Package includes: All Life Stage Dog Food 8 lbs, All Natural Tasty Reward Training Treats 16 oz, Revitalizing Shampoo 12 oz, Bath Fresh Mist 8 oz, Ear Care 4 oz, Adjustable Training Crate 18x19x24, Pet Bed 24 inch, "Harness,Leash,Collar Set" , Puppy Toy, Food Dishes, Puppy Micro Chip

         Individual Prices For Items In Puppy Product Package

All Life Stage Dog Food  8 lbs -  $25.00
All Natural Tasty Reward Training Treats 16 oz-  $27.00
Revitalizing Shampoo 12 oz -$14.00
Bath Fresh Mist 8 oz -$13.00             
Ear Care 4 oz- $12.00
Adjustable Training Crate 18x19x24- $35.99
Pet Bed 24 inch- $16.00
Harness,Leash,Collar Set- $36.00
Puppy Toy- $8.00
Food Dishes- $8.00
Puppy Micro Chip- $25.00

                      Leashes and Harnesses

These are hand made by my Father. They are top quality. The stitching is the finest around. If these were purchased in a retail store they would sell for around $59-$79 for a set. These Harnesses and Leads are puppy and doggy friendly. Toy breeds are suseptical to damaged tracheas due to pulling ahead when being walked. A collar chokes the dog when being walked. Collars should not be used on toy breed dogs their traecheas are small compared to a larger breed of a dog. The harness fits around their chest area not the neck. Much friendlier and safer when walking your precious baby. We have many colors to choose from. Plus since I know my breeds I am familiar with what will fit them.

Harness and lead xsmall & small  $36

Harness and lead medium $36

Harness and lead large $45

Red~  Pink~  Purple~  Black~  Blue~  Aqua~