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Health~  Puppy care~ and My Guarantee

Food and eating:My puppies are eating Life Abundance "The link is at the bottom of this page" . I put the food down 3 times a day at this young puppy age that way you can see how much they eat and when they eat. This will help with housetraining.  Please take the puppy to its food and water bowl in a easy to find place a few times a day.  Clean food and water bowl is a must. Clean cool water should be given in a clean bowl twice a day. My puppy will come with a starter kit which will include a bag of small puppy food as well as puppy treats that I give the puppy's here at my home. I use Nutri-vyte puppy vitamin Gel which will help you with moving the puppy from my home to your home. I will also include a tube of the Nutri-vyte in my puppy's starter kit. I also feed my pups tasty reward treats which are healthy and nutritious , and will help you on housetraining.. They are available for purchase at my home.

Health: I do hope that all my puppy buyers do spay or neuter their pup at or around 6 months of age. It promotes a healthier frame of mind and as well as physical health. It also will give a longer life span. I ask that all my buyer please visit the vet within 5 days of purchase. be sure to ask your vet about finishing shots, wormers and also a rabies due at 12 weeks of age. We issue First shots and first wormers around 6 weeks. The types and dates we issued are listed on my pups health record.

My Guarantee: I do insist that you visit the vet within 5 days of purchase. I offer 5 days for deadly disease. (Lepto Parvo Lyme Campto Corona Distemper and Hepatitis) If the puppy dies I will refund the puppy price. I do not refund for parasites and or anything breeders consider common occurences due to moving from one home to another. I also offer a 2 Year Guarantee for any genetic or hereditary issue that needs to be repaired because it hinders the pups life, This guarantee is in affect as long as you continue feeding life abundance. You may return the puppy and i will offer a replacement puppy only ,and I'm not respondsible for vet bills.. My Guarantee is in writing and can be found in my puppy starter kit.

                             Lifes Abundance



Why would you feed your pet less than human quality ingredients?

If you continue to use this food we will extend your warranty to ONE year.

There are many recalls out there, This food has never had one & is delivered to your house FRESH without sitting on a store shelf for months.

Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food

We use only Fresh, Natural, Wholesome Ingredients!
Chicken Meal, Fish Meal, Carrots, Apples, Spinach, Celery, Alfalfa Meal. Powerful Antioxidants, Life Probiotics, Chelated Minerals, No Chemicals, No Fillers, Nothing Artificial.
30 day Money Back Guarantee

Shipped FRESH to your door within 3 to 5 business days.Click here for more information YOUR PUPPY & DOG WILL LOVE THIS FOODor call me at 330-674-1416 Thanks, Dwaine