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Welcome to our Puppies website, Superior Hilltop Kennel's located in central Ohio where you can find Clean Healthy Socialized puppies for sale. AKC home raised Yorkie Bichon Cavalier English Bulldog Pomeranian Mini Schnauzer and Toy Poodles

We also do the popular Designer Mixes... Cavachons Cavapoos Yorkiepoo Schnoodle Yorkiechon and 3/4 English bulldog.

Please take a minute to read over this whole page before calling me. Much appreciated.

Hi My name is Dwaine and my family and I raise these great adorable puppies for loving warm families that promise to spay or neuter my puppy when age appropriate. We are looking for buyers who are educated about how to care for toy and small breed puppies properly. We also are looking for buyers who will offer forever homes. This after all is a lifetime commitment. I have been breeding dogs for about 15 years. I find it to be very rewarding. I have a scrap book filled with pictures of my puppies that previous buyers have sent me. Hoping that after you purchase you will keep in touch. We love it ! My family and children love it. I have young children and teenage children. Guarantee my puppies are socialized and raised in a healthy clean enviroment. My home is a very clean home. We are an orderly bunch !! We also make leather and suede leashes and collars, the best hand stitched quality you'll ever find, so be sure to visit that page and please dont skip over my "Health food care and Guarantee Page". Call me at 330-674-1416 or email me puppysalenow@gmail.com  i do perfer phone calls but only after you please read everything over. That would be fabulous.

Deposits: I require a $100-$500 (average $200) deposit depending on the puppy price to hold a puppy. Deposits can be made with money orders or bank cashiers check and mailed to my home, I live in Ohio. Sorry but I don't take personal checks and I don't take credit cards.  If you are doing airline shipping I must be paid in full, If you are doing pickup at my home you are welcome to pay the balance upon arrival, We also offer to the door van delivery and you pay for the  puppy when it arrives. The fee is $250 to $350, to the following states only

Ohio       Pennsylvania       New York        Massachusetts  

Maryland       Virginia       West Virginia      Michigan      Illinois     

New Jersey     Connecticut       Indiana       Kentucky

New Hampshire      Vermont   

We offer airline shipping for an additional 300- $380 on top of the pup's Price. If doing Airline shipping all monies must be paid in advance. We offer airline shipping to all the states

Pickup: I am available Mon thru Saturday from 10am till 9pm. Please call for directions

With Warm regards,  Dwaine :)

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